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After years of operating under manufacturing establishments, Nhat Linh Limited Company officially went into operation in 1994. Its first product was automatic voltage stabilizer under LiOA brand name, manufactured in the primary 0.5-ha establishment in Vinh Tuy, Thanh Tri district, Hanoi, Vietnam. Because the company provided high quality products that met the demand market, it was quickly trusted by the customers and developed its distribution system of more than 3000 retail outlets over the country, and two main agents in Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang city. 

Vietnam has population of 80 million people, 1650 km along meridian, with the same time zone, thus voltage drop occurs during rush hour causing troubles to the households. LiOA, with more than 20-year experiences as the largest automatic voltage stabilizer manufacturer in Vietnam, is now one of the largest manufacturers in the world, offers typical customers optimal solutions. 


The reason of voltage drop at terminal end is cable transmission of low quality. The company carried out one project to manufacture Wire and Cable applying European technology in Nhu Quynh 2.5 ha Industrial Park in Hung Yen in 1998. Then, the factory officially became LiOA Wire and Cable Company and expanded its production area up to 10 ha together invested modern machines from France and Italy in 2002. Products under LiOA CABLE brand gradually became popular. The year of 2006 observed the milestone when LiOA Wire and Cable Company officially changed to Nexans-LiOA Wire and Cable joint-venture company with participation of the French leading wire and cable manufacturing cooperation, Nexans-Participations.


In the same year, the company, once again, marketed new products which met the demand of electric equipments in household and industry, such as plug, socket, wall mounting automatic voltage stabilizer, oil-filled stabilizer, low-voltage transformer, etc.

To provide devices improving electricity quality, the company entered into a power transformer manufacturing project in expanded 0.5-ha foundation at Hoang Mai District, Hanoi City. 

Along with strong development of the country, the demand on advanced electrical devices in construction was more and more increasing. The company carried out electrical devices manufacturing plan at Thuan Thanh Industrial Park, Bac Ninh Province in 2007. LiOA electrical equipments manufactured by ejecting press and modern machines could reach its optimal sophistication, endurance and convenience, and become top-class among electrical equipment manufacturing companies in the market.

Presently, LiOA is not only the most famous company in electrical and electronic sector in Vietnam, elected by AC Nielsen & VCCI, it also, affirms its position in international market. LiOA products are exported to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Malaysia, Germany, Sweden, Angola, and South Africa, etc. LiOA, in the next years, focuses on developing export activities, offers its products to the customers from all over the world.

Success after success without ending of projects at Nhat Linh, LiOA shows the creative and hard-working manner of an active boss who is also the General Manager Nguyen Chi Linh, accompanied by enthusiastic, experienced and dynamic staff.

“Working whole-heartedly for the products as the best solution for the customers” is the thought at LiOA. It has been used to Vietnamese, and will be familiar with international customers.